There are a few different ways to access our classic Wildcat BBS.  You can point your telnet client to Port 2300.  If you do not have a Telnet Client we recommend [ SYNCTERM ] Which can be downloaded her by clicking the [ SYNCTERM ] Link.  You can also access our Wildcat Winserver BBS your web browser [ HERE ].  We also offer classic games like T-LORDS and the others seen below.  TradeWars 2002, Funeral Quest, etc...  We are running 90 day Tournaments where the top #1 player will receive a $10 A2K4.COM Gift Card that can be used on movies, games, and other products that we sell.   If you don't want the $10 gift card I will just mail you a $5 Bill, CASH!  Yes, You can get paid to play the door games you loved back in the day.

Currently There are 11,000+ Files available for download!  Check out our File Section Today, Lots of BBS related items & Classic Programs.

Three Games - Eight Nodes - JumpGate Enabled

( Telnet:// )

Funeral Quest - Win Real World Prizes!


Play Funeral Quest

Registered LORD 30 Tournament. 

 Winner Gets a $10 A2K4.COM Gift Card.

Registered Funeral Quest Tournament.

  Winner gets a $10 A2K4.COM Gift Card!

Registered TradeWars 2002 Tournament.

Winner Gets a $10 A2K4.COM Gift Card!

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