2/16/2019 - Added the Following Movies:




2/15/2019 - ALL movies have been uploaded to the new server and I am now starting to scan in some titles what we don't have yet.  Its been a long while since we added new content.. But here we are....

2/15/2019 - Added the Following Movies:




2/13/2019 - Happy Valentines Day to everyone, I have GREAT News.. ALL MOVIES are now transfer to the rented server with the 1 Gigabyte Backbone.  We should be online and working 110% Now.  Please let me know via E-mail ( jonspatz@hotmail.com ) if you see any movies that will not load or are missing.  I am counting on you guys to be my beta testers.  Thanks!

2/13/2019 - We are down to the last 61 Gigs Of Movies to be transferred to the rented server.  My god, I actually took me a month and a half to upload all those movies.  By Midnight tonight ALL movies should be online and working.  I would like to ask EVERYONE if there is a movie that doesn't play right or a movie that is missing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE E-mail me at support@axisflix.com .   I weeded out alot of duplicate movies on the server too.  If you see the same movie listed two or three times PLEASE tell me about that also.  Storage Space is very precious in this site.


2/10/2019 - Made A LOT of headway on the movie server today..  Got another entire directory uploaded to the rented server.  Working on the last of the TV Episodes now and then a few more movies.   Moved some movies from AXISFLIX to Flix2 to free up some hard drive space.  Things are really looking up and i am confident it should soon 100% be uploaded and online within a few more days.  I have over 750 movies here though to scan in once the uploading is done.  Yea Me.  Please visit our other sites like www.axismovies.com and axismining.linkpc.net.  Any Questions, comments or errors you noticed please e-mail me ASAP at jonspatz@hotmail.com  Thank You!

2/9/2019 - Ok, Moving even more movies and TV shows around.  I hope to be done with all the transfer by the end of the weekend..  We have about 90% of our movies online now.  Once I get the last movies uploaded I will start scanning in new ones.  I also weeded out alot of the doubles doing the file moves but i am sure there will be more to find...  Enjoy...

2/4/2019 -Still Copying movies over to the new server, I though i would be done long ago but i had more then i though, Over 4Tb of Movies and TV Shows.  I will continue to work on it.  I also updated and moved titles from the [ SORT ] Area and put them into their proper genera categories. Enjoy.  As soon as all the movies are copied I will start scanning in new ones.  I also moved the old monthly news to the [ ARCHIVE ].

2/1/2019 - Still working on copying all the movies over to the new server.  This has been one heck of an ordeal to get everything to play together plus throw on top that i am starting to dabble in cryptomining ( AXISMINING.LINKPC.NET ).  I am bringing more and more machines online and taking care of alot of internet lag that caused slow movie viewing before.  Most of the movies are online already and I think we finished up all the TV shows too.  Any Questions or Problems please e-mail me at jonspatz@hotmail.com .   Well its bedtime now, We made a HUGE dent into movies being copied to the servers on the DataCenter.  Few more days of this is things will be 100% Up and Running.  I also updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section to reflect the Rented Server from Joes Data Center.

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